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Subtle & Sweet Saber Summer Figure

Jul 20, 2011 @ 6:00 CDT

The sexy saintly queen of the Fate/Stay series Saber makes her subtle yet sweet appearance in attire suitable for the fun easygoing themes of the summer season.

Saber is one of the main characters of the Fate/Stay series and perhaps even more of a prominent character than Rin – she serves as Emiya’s servant and essentially his lover. The figure is based specifically off of the Fate/Stay Night series in which she played a rather interesting role which had her go from an emotion lacking robot to a typical human shoujo.

The figure beautifully captures her in the sweeter female fashion than her alternate battle hardened identity. Her blond hair is seen sporting her signature black ribbon which matches the ribbon on her blouse – a feature which puts forth a powerful display of definition and individuality all Fate/Stay fans know belongs to Saber.

The lush gold color of her hair strikingly stands out amongst her cream colored neutral outfit, only outshone by her vibrant green eyes.

Her camisole and shorts are ones which stylishly show off a lightweight impression expected of summer clothing, a scene which proves to carry quite a dangerous amount of visual vehemency when paired with her rarely seen smile and relaxed pose.

Saber’s figure is one well sculpted as her curves smoothly flow following the slender length of her body. Although definitely not the sexiest, flashiest, or most elegant of Saber’s 3-D renditions, it certainly is the sweetest in an all so simple yet lovely manner.

She’s available now.

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