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Nyanpire Sultry Neko Sucking Action

Jul 20, 2011 @ 21:47 CDT

Nyanpire returns sporting even more sultry neko service in the form of raw and uncensored neko-to-neko sucking action – all done behind the back of another romantically involved neko.

This episode further dives down into a pool of cuteness and hilarity – our kawaii swordsman neko Sammeowrai returns to witness the shocking affair between Nyanpire and a new provocatively white, winged neko. The angelic white winged neko Nyalikai forms an instant bond with Nyanpire as Nyanpire is naively entranced by Nyalikai’s wings.

This breed of winged neko instantly begins to bond, much to the dismay of Sameowrai who falls jealous. Nyalikai notices this jealousy and begins to take advantage of it, allowing Nyanpire to freely feast upon his blood, striking an even stronger rage of jealously from Sameowrai.

Sameowrai then makes an advance to Nyanpire, allowing Nyanpire to suck his furry paw dry of his blood – Nyanpire however turns down the offer, stating he’s already full of Nyalikai’s red fluid, leaving Sameowrai completely devastated. This cute little curve in the plot is one which was entirely unexpected – it seems the series might actually have some sort of legitimate story other than neko service.

As if it needs to be said, although the series is indeed quite short, ranging a mere 2 minutes without OP and END included, it still is however entirely hilarious, adorable, and charming – something obviously all will enjoy through the simple, cute, and cuddly nature.

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