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Steins;Gate Emotionally Revitalizing Anime

Jul 12, 2011 @ 22:00 CDT

Latest episode of Steins;Gate soaks the series in a pool of emotion – a beautiful overflow of determination, desire, and love-driven timetravel you won’t find elsewhere (except Madoka).

With the combined forces of Part-Time Warrior, Kurisu-tina, and mad scientist Hououin Kyouma, the Future Gadget Lab’s special ops unit has essentially acquired all its key players. Their problem now lies in Part-Time Warrior’s full-fledged timemachine as it appears to be broken, sabotaging their plans until it can be repaired.

Of course to repair it, Kyouma must travel back further once again – we can only hope it will be the last of his uneventful travels as at this point, the series has reached a critical “make it or break” point, the absolute edge of the gap between excellent and atrocious. As the entire outcome of the series depends on the success of this final travel to a point of 1% divergence – or otherwise it will face a bad, bad ending.

Traveling back some 48 hours, Kyouma has now assembled the whole Future Gadget Lab team – they are set to work nonstop on achieving several goals, each of the members are focusing on a single goal, with Daru persuaded to perfect the timemachine to fully functional status for Kyouma’s offering of a date with Feyris-nyan, a deal any otaku would gladly oblige with.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team is split up between searching for Part-Time Warrior’s father and completing the Time Leap Machine.

Needless to say it’s another amazing episode – one slightly different than the others in that the entire lab has come together to all work towards a single organized goal. It’s far beyond the customary bickering, insults, and sarcastic remarks they usually throw at each other whilst all of them mess around. The single aspect that hasn’t seemingly changed at all is Daru’s constant chatter about perverting things while working.

As if it needs to be said, another great episode of Steins;Gate.


  • As a whole, I really like Steins;Gate. I believe it’s an innovative anime that’s certain to keep you guessing with a somewhat complicated, but not incomprehensible storyline. The characters themselves are varied and unique in their own charming ways; with Part-Time Warrior easily claiming 1st place for me. ;D

    If there were one thing I really don’t like about it, it’s the character of Mayuri. I find her to be incredibly boring and lackluster in appeal, and the fact that our favorite mad scientist is so intent on saving her doesn’t do much for me either. She comes off as a helpless little sister character that can’t do anything on her own; someone who can’t even voice her own opinion without someone drawing it out of her.

    And, criticize me for this if you will, but I cannot stand hearing that annoying “tuturuuu” anymore. I honestly mute my speakers whenever I feel it coming up.

    All that aside though, I’m really quite interested to see how this whole time traveling business will sort itself out. I’m in too deep to stop now, and as a show of respect to the immense progress the creators have made since “Chaos;Head”, I’ll watch it through to the end.

    • Seven says:

      Steins;Gate is indeed quite up there. I concur about Mayuri – she’s not a horrible character or anything, she simply seems to be included in the story for the sake of it.

      Her death doesn’t appear to effect anything else save for the fact there would be none of the current plot if Kyouma wasn’t chasing after Mayuri.

      As for “tuturuuu”, I still find it somewhat comical through the expressive empty headedness.

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