An elemental workshop.

An otaku has traversed the route as seen in Mawaru Penguindrum, crossing through a fair portion of Ikebukuro with his camera and sharing some exquisite images for comparison.

Those of us who have watched the incredible first episode of Mawaru Penguindrum should quite clearly recall the abstract travel of our main male character as he passed through waves of generic humanoid shapes – returning home with a short, stubby, penguin stalker.

The resemblance is striking as it proves the animators behind the designs put a wholehearted effort into the series’ scenery, honestly taking into account many a detail in each and every scene – something which clearly shows with the overall epic and unreal quality of the series, and an aspect which is absolutely stunning when comparing image-to-image directly from the anime to reality.

Particularly impressive are the replicated characteristics of reality in the images, as you can begin to notice minor definitive details such as railing, signs, and power-lines, which all match up accordingly. Although the artists behind it all did not simply entirely copy what they saw on the streets – certain things were changed, stylized, or replaced with something quite a bit more contemporary like patterns.

The fact that they replaced certain specific features with items of their own imagination shows a massive amount of effort having went into the background design as drawing things that don’t exist is regardless of what one may personally believe, is definitely much more difficult – all for the sole reason “it doesn’t exist”.

Meaning you can expect many more hours of devotion and soul were pooled together to devise this magnificent anime than say a horrible filler series such as R-15.

If anyone’s ever interested in taking a trip to see for themselves, here’s an obscure Google Map in Japanese:
Atleast we need not worry whether they have McDonalds.


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