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Ao no Exorcist’s Exclusively Epic Charm

Jul 10, 2011 @ 22:41 CDT

Ao no Exorcist finally puts aside pink skirt service – deciding it’s time to focus on a ridiculous aspect little care about called story, something unheard of these days.

The core plot behind this episode essentially focuses on Rin’s relationship with his father – the real one, not Satan. It starts off by showing Rin throwing a typical child’s tantrum – the only noticeable difference being he’s hospitalizing the other children with fists soaking in their blood.

We then go back to real-time, immediately after the incident in which Rin was saved by some raunchy female – she takes Rin away to an interesting facility for “interrogation”. The “interrogation” partially consists of several fairly implemented yet awfully irritating flashbacks – this episode brings to our attention how many flashbacks this series actually has in general, although unlike the other episodes, this one is composed almost exclusively of them.

The flashbacks delve into encounters pertaining to Rin’s father – it showcases Rin’s own experiences as a child, as well as the erotically inclined inquisitor’s own personal meetings. It turns out she was fairly familiar with Rin’s father and he in-fact entrusted her with teaching Rin in regards to using a blade long before his death.

The other offering made by the interrogation was one not so much formally questioning as it was painful and violent – Shura viciously begins assaulting Rin with shounen styled “announce it out loud” attacks, even going so far as to actually stab him with a blade erected from between her breasts. Although finally she recalls a line from Rin’s father in relation to Rin’s current jabbering leaving her laughing and accepting of her new pupil.

Needless to say it’s a good episode – though yet again Ao no Exorcist still seems to have some sort of veil over the story which just prevents it from showing all of what it should have. Nonetheless, it was a humorous episode and one of the best of the series yet – even concluding with another flashback of Rin’s tantrum which highlights his father’s true bravery and love of Rin.

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