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R-15 Repulsively Censored Ero-Anime

Jul 9, 2011 @ 16:12 CDT

The season’s scarily censored story-lacking anime R-15 finally aired after being canceled on several networks – it proves to be painfully disappointing as all service is censored.

The trashy story blandly focuses on teenage ero-novel writer Akutagawa Takuto, a character as generic as the story’s emphasis, which is none other than nude females – a theme which seems to be particularly prominent this season, although R-15, unlike the other few nude female service animes this season, fails to deliver, as all is horribly censored by botches of whiteout.

Of course given the nature of the series, the plot is very weak and nearly nonexistent, as is character development – the main highlight and essentially purpose of the series is to shift every scene it can into something which exhibits exposed females to their fullest. The art style is nothing special, merely rivaling that of series from several years ago and those of equally horrible status this season – the censorship performed however is much too exaggerated far beyond anything seen before.

It’s neither a typical convenient censoring nor an idiotically implemented intercession of farm animals – it’s just a massive splash of white which covers nearly the entire screen, leaving little for enjoyment.

Considering this is intended to be a service series, that means a good fraction of the show is simply disgusting patches of white serving as an insult to the viewers and offering them nothing more than an invitation to purchase the Blu-ray, which is the entire inspirational driving factor behind the series to begin with.


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