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Mayo Chiki “As Filthy As Expected”

Jul 7, 2011 @ 22:12 CDT

The dirtiest anime of the summer season finally launches as filthy as expected – Mayo Chiki comes overflowing sexy crossdressing which does little service for the plot.

Mayo Chiki takes every opportunity to press any female character’s provocative body parts against the “other head” of the generic male lead character. It’s not shocker that this turned out to be as horrible as we anticipated – the entire plot offers nothing more (not to insinuate it was going to offer anything anyways) than the summary of the series, made available (by ourselves) several months back:

Mayo Chiki focuses on the crossdressing fail of highschool loli Konoe Subaru – after many years serving of serving her classmate Suzutsuki Kanade as a crossdressed butler, an accident finally hands-on exposes her to be the despicably cute breast equipped female that she is.

It’s an ecchi anime at heart, using every single to shove a breast or curved component of the female body in the viewer’s face. The characters are as unoriginal as one would expect from the current sorry state of anime – it’s a typical bunch of tsunderes alongside a female creep character (the obsessive type).

Needless to say, if any are starving for oppai service there is quite and overkill amount of that available in this series – it’s essentially part of a strange genre of anime which is borderline hentai. Ecchi with additional inappropriate touching and suggestive scenes made arousingly exquisite through nudity and raunchy elements all perverts will enjoy.


  • Well, with all new anime series I’ve never heard of, I always go check out if it is an adaptation of well anything (but especially if it is a light novel). i now know it’s originally a manga and the main character has gynophobia (I hope spelled it right, it suppose to be a fear of woman), but the guy doesn’t seem so scared of women most of the time…

    • Seven says:

      Sounds like a plan – the anime comes off as remedial regardless of any back-story the manga could add however.

  • KrazyKobun says:

    Yeah, this was largely stupid. Kept insulting my intelligence over and over again. Screw this crap.

    Are you watching Mawaru Penguindrum by any chance? From what I seen of the first episode, I think you would enjoy it. Trust me, MP is a fantastic experience! (I loved it, obviously.) You would like the abstract direction used with the engaging story that ponders some philosophical questions. Not to mention the god-tier director of Revolutionary Girl Utena is handling it. I think we’re in for a treat for this one.

    • Seven says:

      Penguindrum is magnificent thus far – you certainly seem to know my tastes. And I concur, this series is garbage.

  • “Good morning, Nii-san!”

    -Unnamed sister character barges through door, leaps through air, lands smack down on still sleeping brother’s stomach. Yells “ASS”-


    -Sister proceeds to pound the living bejeezus out of brother with various wrestling movies-

    “Ankle Lock! Sharpshooter! Chain combo! Sol Naciente! Why in god’s name are you still alive Triangle Lancer!”

    …And so the day begins for our male protagonist, Kinjirou Sakamachi. If at this point you’re looking at your screen and saying to yourself, “Not ANOTHER anime with a weak, incapable male lead,” take solace in the fact that you’re not alone. However, as capable anime viewers, we press on in that the episode has only just started and there may yet be some salvation to be found here.

    Oh, Kinji-kun has gynophobia and can’t stand to be near women, you say? I’m flashing back to my youth and a certain anime called “Girls Bravo!” where our male lead Yukinari also had gynophobia and ALSO got the crap beaten out of him quite a bit. Coincidence? Me thinks not.

    Protip: Contrary to seemingly popular belief, a weak male lead who can barely stand on his own two feet does NOT a popular anime make. Example to the contrary? Kamina. That is all.

    Ah, I know what you’re thinking. What is such a male lead without accidentally falling into perverted situations at the drop of a hat? And you would be absolutely correct. Not five minutes after he’s at school does Kinji-kun find himself face to pants-less face with our cross dressing female lead, Subaru, butler to the most beautiful and popular girl at school, Kanade Suzutsuki.

    Following some random silliness and an admittedly decent few rounds of animation and one-sided fighting, Kinji-kun finds himself lying atop Subaru whilst clutching her breast. Take note that for this to happen, somehow Subaru managed to have all of the buttons on her shirt undone AND have her hair come loose all in the span of a few seconds. Rito Yuuki from “To Love-Ru” could learn a thing or two from Kinji-kun, I must say.

    Needless to say, Subaru was none too pleased at this turn of events. After suffering what I imagine was quite the headache, Kinji-kun wakes up to find himself chained to a bed with the mysterious beauty, Suzutsuki, at his bedside. Oh noez!

    Here we actually get to some plot in the story and learn that, due to various circumstances, Subaru must disguise herself as a guy in order to stay by her master’s side. Speaking of Subaru…

    2nd Protip: I don’t know about you, but I’d have some serious questions when a master has her butler chained to a bed with a ball in her mouth like some S & M fantasy. But hey, that’s just me.

    If it wasn’t apparent before, Suzutsuki-dono has quite the sadistic streak in her; made apparent by her then relentless toying with Kinji-kun on the grounds of “knowing his body’s limits” so as to be sure that he won’t even reveal Subaru’s secret. And, of course, he passes out after about a minute of Suzutsuki’s ministrations.

    Save a few minor specifics here and there, thus ends “Mayo Chiki!”‘s first episode. And to my already weary eyes, this generic blend of overused plot elements, near nonexistent story and widely unappealing characters leaves me with but one thing left to do…


    • Seven says:

      A round of applause for this gentleman. You’ve surpassed commenting status.

      • Many thanks, Seven. To be honest I’m not quite sure what’s gotten into me since I came here. Granted I’m always a bit talkative when I visit someplace new, but this is a first for me.

        I’m sure it sounds presumptuous of me to say this given how short a time I’ve been here, but I rather like this place. If your offer is still open, I’d like to take you up on it for the time being.

        • Seven says:

          That’s great to hear – I already have your email (from when you registered). I’ll discuss it with you more via email if that is fine with you.

  • Anonymous says:

    So much negativity. Out of all the new anime out, I actually like this. So, its a bit nawty…its still cute. It has good animation, humor, and a bit of school girl crush romance. Who cares if there is little plot, its seemingly just a slice-of-life anime with a bit of ecchi mixxed in. Its amusing, fun, and entertaining.


    • Anonymous says:

      thank you finally someone who gets it. the anime is not half bad. you guys are picking it apart and not even trying to enjoy the anime. You guys started watching it to point out all the things that you’d expect from reading the synopsis on wiki, basically you watched to hate. I can see that an anime with this mixture of genres isn’t really your taste but dont steer other people who haven’t seen it away. Me and Kazu who’ve actually seen it have different points of views and it hurt me to think that the anime that actually earn a spot in one of my favs is actually being picked apart, examined, and denied. you can comment about it but please dont insult it to such a degree

      • Seven says:

        Your comment would be more useful if you explained what there is to enjoy in this anime, seeing as all other evidence suggests the answer of “nothing.”

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