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Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel Kyun Kyun Tokimeki Paradise!! is an anime no where near as impressive as its lengthy collage of colorful gibberish combined to form its name.

Immediately the anime aggressively exerts its generic status as if beautifully proud of it.

The main characters are shockingly unconventional for a series of its type, two high school girls, one of which has her chest emphasized more often than the other. The two girls are a strange new sort of anime girl called a “mahou shoujo”, a concept of a girl bearing magical powers – something entirely unheard of before, even more so innovative when not combined with a single original aspect, as no series before it would even dare consider such a terrible idea for an anime.

The series then goes on to show the girls are almighty and invincible as they easily defeat a blanket of generic foes like nothing – little development is done as there is none to be made, there is no captivating story or plot whatsoever, the girls are simply mahou shoujo and they lack any sort of original purpose, raison d’etre, or viewer interest. Two girls want to protect the world using their amazing mahou shoujo abilities – they fight monsters whilst attending school like any other conventional anime character and they hide their incredible secret from everyone else.

The antagonists are varying ridiculous monsters and other “magical” characters – the horrid outlook of the series is solidified in stone once they introduce a masked male character serving as a complete rip-off of sailor moon’s Tuxedo Mask. A single feature of the series one would have any expressed interest in are the blue haired shoujo’s busty breasts – the outfits highlights her chest just as well as it does the poorly planned and lackluster nature of the series.

It’s a series so filled with the typical shoujo sparkles and the full circle of ecstasy-like additions – an incredibly bland series beyond our own vivid vocabulary to describe anything else of it.

The show glitters with a lacking fashion sense or any artistic skill of any kind – the animation is not even comparable to the original serafuku based mahou shoujo series, Sailor Moon. However, the series does indeed prove to be very inspiring as it leaves the viewer wondering “why the **** did they make this”?

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  • gargamesh says:

    “why the **** did they make this”?


    Also, LOL, the only article with the “horrible” tag, this should also be at AW, GC and SAO articles.

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