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Kamisama Dolls Serious Loli Action

Jul 5, 2011 @ 20:00 CDT

Kamisama Dolls proves to be the thriller of the season as it launches packed with serious eye-catching action – boasting an impressive display of delicious lolis, devastating assaults, and more.

Instantly, the series visually molests the viewer with horrifically violent scenes of total obliteration caused by strange monsters fighting children – kids are running as they are hunted by these obscure beings which very much resemble figures from another anime series Shadow Star Narutaru.

Those few scenes are expectedly difficult to understand however they captivate the viewer well regardless through their powerful presentation.

The show then transitions to a completely contrasting scene, one which starts off yawn-inspiringly – a group of drunkards are seen shamelessly enjoying themselves with uninteresting side conversations relating to busty female dating ambitions, after a while however, that all dies down as the pack of drunk fools have headed out and left behind our generically inclined main male character Kyouhei alongside his well-endowed female friend.

He awakes from his drunken slumber in her lap – time continues to go wasted as they chatter, up until they finally arrive in-front of a soaked mess of red filling the elevator elevator, coming complete with matching corpse lying on floor. They both appear to handle the grotesque view relatively calmly, particularly our uninteresting male lead Kyouhei who begins aimlessly pondering about something related to his village as seen in several flashbacks earlier on.

Rushing home worriedly, he finds his adorable loli sister alongside some oddly shaped entity, once again proving to be highly reminiscent of Narutaru – as the story essentially begins unfold it’s clear this series is one we can expect to be unlike the others. The story has a dark overshadowing atmosphere promising nothing but brutal things to come, a foreshadow of sorts for a fierce ride.

His kawaii little sister begins informing him of the escape of what we can assume is a crazed convict – someone our bland male lead appears to be formally acquainted with from a time ago.

The crazy man himself makes his fabulously fiery appearance bursting through the window behind the heart-touching reunion of loli and brother in their apartment – this demented villain immediately asserts his fujoshi status as he begins ragingly targeting the cute loli, going so far as to physically thrust her much more than she can handle, sending her straight flying out the window to her demise.

Luckily for the loli, in Narutaru fashion her estranged monstrosity rescues her from her fall of hundreds of feet allowing her to fly up to the apartment once more and exert her loli lasers against the despicable loli-hating fujoshi, who happened to be locked into a vicious battle with her vengeful lolicon brother.

Loli lasers fire leaving the apartment in entire disarray – Kyouhei and his cute loli pet find some warm, soft comfort, under his big breasted female friend from earlier – a point in the plot feeling as if the story has restarted on an axle, just beginning anew for the first time.

The series does incredibly well in ways of action – it offers a strong build up to important scenes while keeping a consistent, and ever-constant delivery of story in the background during quieter times in the episode, giving off an always active feel as if you were part of the story yourself.

Little time is wasted on meaningless activities, almost all action ends up developing the plot either immediately or in retrospect – a single weak area in terms of development would have to be in regards to characters which aren’t introduced as well as they could have been. They come off as “out of place” originally as they are dropped into the episode – doing little in the way of offering insight into them beforehand.

It goes without saying however that once the characters do blend into the ever active plot, an immediate relationship with the viewer begins as the characters prove to be integral to specific story aspects and lovable in nature, particularly the young female ones.

Another aspect asserting itself exquisitely are the visuals which clearly come off among a top-class of modern animation – they are not necessarily stylish, abstract, or contemporary, however they are refined and astonishingly detailed. An excellent example of such would be Kyouhei’s outfit which remained wrinkled and dirtied after the loli laser debacle up until the end of the episode – a delightful design element well worked into the series and rarely seen in others.

Kamisama Dolls is a series which undoubtedly may end as best this season.


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