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Doujin About Kneeling On Ground

Jul 4, 2011 @ 10:00 CDT

Akihabara’s latest creepy forthcoming is a doujin about the varying tactics employed in different displays of prostration which range from deceptive to disgusting, two words describing the book well.

The book is much more manga styled than our previously discussed doujin entries – the pages of perversely perfected prostration are well illustrated in their full kneeling glory to compose several short stories, all accompanied with additional smirk remarks for added hilarity or enjoyability (depending on your tastes).

A summary affixed to the back of the book makes a certainly interesting statement “Kneeling down on the ground is the soul of Japan!”, “You can resolve almost anything”.

It goes on further to make the absurd claim “Kneeling down on the ground is no longer a hot topic as we discuss in detail kneeling for an apology, time of prayer, a sign of thanks, and as a weapon to hunt down your adversaries, not to mention, enjoy a discussion from a different angle”.

Although ridiculous as it sounds, the tome proves to be rather robust as it does indeed include well detailed artwork specifying various prostration techniques and how to execute them in real-world situations with some added written input hoping to serve as further instruction.

The reception on the doujin is mixed between mild and grand – although it is certain most who’ve read it have enjoyed it. This version is actually a newly released second volume of a two part series on kneeling down – the first volume received some well written reviews and piqued quite a few interests.

Some indecisive feedback from the fetish friendly doujin’s first volume:

“I think this is a new generation of masterpieces.”

“Simply kneeling down on the ground is just ridiculous, so the situation can vary greatly depending on the timing.”

“This author does not know what the meaning of kneeling down on the ground?”

“Yeah. ^ ^ This is terrible.”

“Quite brilliant work, highly recommend it.”

“The main character is a man using every means to achieve the purpose of kneeling down on the ground.”

It sounds like quite a thriller.


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