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Kami Memo NEET Loli Stripping Anime

Jul 3, 2011 @ 6:00 CDT

Episode one of not-so-elite NEET loli detective anime Kamisama no Memochou launches to be something strange and comparable to Denpa Onna – a denpa girl and pushover boy.

A typical male anime character happens to cross paths with what appeared to be a blackmail attempt on a prostitution scheme with high school girls.

A girl is undressing in a hotel room with an older guy as our feeble main character is seen aimlessly wandering around for unspecified reasons – someone apparently named “Satoshi”, a character coming off as a total Shizaya (from Durarara!) rip-off in appearance, enters interrupting the sexual scene in the hotel room and begins to take pictures with his cell phone.

The girl rushes over to this unoriginal bishounen barging in who begins to give some fancy monologue on what he wants – it’s clear at that point the girl was involved in a prostitution sting alongside this rip-off character. Something then happens off-camera and we return to our main character, still generic as ever, now looking up at the window of the hotel as he hears a scream and sees the girl from the prostitution sting jumping out whilst yelling.

Rushing outside comes the old pervert from the prostitution fail with a bloody ashtray and worried expression – some snotty kids show up and begin to take charge of the small spectacle, pushing aside our uninteresting male lead as he was making an attempt at assisting the fallen prostitute.

Although that start of the story wasn’t particularly intense, it was rather interesting and a bit of a driving factor towards successful story – that is only until it ends after a few minutes in.

Unfortunately, the story then in a flash reverts to an incredibly dull, typical high school story – our same failure main character is hunted down by some girl in oversized serafuku attire who then forces him to join her member deficient Gardening Club as the second member.

After wasting the middle portion of the episode on menial conversations, the show somehow leads this foolish main character back to a place where he meets with the NEETs who pushed him around during the prostitution incident – they appear to be a bit more friendly with him now as he’s essentially been recommended to them by gardening club girl. Whilst they engaged in small talk, some freak ordered a leek ramen with nothing else except negi.

The freak turns out to be a NEET detective loli responsible for pulling off the prostitution sting – overall at this point it’s pretty difficult to describe what exactly this show is about as it honestly makes little sense. Our newly introduced loli appears to be some sort of super nerd hacker under the impression she’s a God.

Mainly, the show gives off a very strong impression similar to that of Spring season’s Denpa Onna – it’s some weirdo girl who became an outcast of society becoming attached to a bland guy and wanting to do something amazing.

Other than that similarity, little development was made story-wise or character wise – it was essentially an entire episode wasted on just letting us know “this show is about some cute loli with no friends” something which was already clear from the series summary or the intro-sequence.

Actual conversations to be had in the series were minimal to begin with whether significant or not, and almost none of them were of actual importance resulting in an overall failed first episode. It did poorly in terms of plot and other aspects such as visuals are no more impressive than those of several years ago.

It may turn out to be a respectable series however from a first impression its entirely short of exceptional.


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