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Hanasaku Beautiful Beach Service Anime

Jul 3, 2011 @ 17:47 CDT

Heartwarming nude bathing series Hanasaku Iroha returns in the ever-mandatory beach service episode replete with sexy service one can only expect when on the beach.

Apparently they’ve all went on some sort of a school trip – skipping the transportation or build-up and going straight into the gratuitous Summer service action. The girls have some standard conversations and begin discussing mizugis, Minchi’s love of Tohru, general relationships, essentially nothing worthwhile towards the story.

Those meaningless conversations do branch off however into some humorous scenes which also offer a few much wanted service shots. Service aside, as they head for the inn, Yuina appears to be well-acquainted with the douchebag head clerk – somewhat surprisingly, he in-fact turns out to be her fiance.

Throughout the entire episode he is seen acting as one would expect from this class of society called a “douchebag” – yelling arrogantly, rudely, and disrespectfully at all his waitresses, which leads to some trouble later on. After some plot-lacking filler encounters, Ohana randomly runs out back to the beach whilst it’s late at night as she sees a “Kappa” who turns out to be no more than a wet Nekochi in sukumizu styled mizugi.

They then spot Yuina and her douchebag friend walking up to the pier – promptly Ohana and Nakochi begin to eavesdrop on a situation not related to their lives in any way, just as one would expect of high school girls. Overheard is something hinting a much more thoughtful inner realm of Yuina – alongside a possible hint of her not being interested in her douchebag fiance.

Such a twist leads up to the story’s serious turn as the trashy waitresses appear fed up with the abusive treatment brought on them by the douchebag – they all quit and Yuina answers a question her douchebag asked her previously the other night.

The episode sums up to be well-wasteful as little development is made – however, it does indeed introduce the story into a new route in the plot which may prove to be much more meaningful later. Ohana appears intent on figuring out Yuina’s feelings as she certainly comes off as concerned quite much more than her own failed love life.

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  • wolfdawg says:

    annoying episode, I had to go back and frame by frame every 10 seconds.
    Wish I would have found this first.

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