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Blue Exorcist – Sexy Pink Skirts

Jul 3, 2011 @ 14:06 CDT

Pink mizugi groping anime Blue Exorcist comes packed with lots of sexy pink skirts – alongside a somewhat new, explicitly dressed busty female character.

This shounen series finally introduces the ever-anticipated super strong invincible guy the main character won’t defeat until several episodes onward – Mephisto’s brother Amaimon. The group of aspiring student exorcists are seen gathered at an amusement park with a purpose of finding some annoying demonic little kid – that turns out to be the least worrisome of their, or rather, Rin’s issues however.

As they prepare to scrummage through the park, Shiemi makes a shockingly sexy re-outfitted appearance as she no longer wears her kimono but instead the school’s visually rewarding seifuku – they are then divided into teams before being sent out on a hunt for children.

Shiemi is expectedly paired with Rin although they spend little time together as after exchanging a somewhat intimate moment, they get split up for their ghost hunt – as they are separated, Mephisto’s irritating little brother, makes his unwanted appearance and begins to play the usual “show me your true violent self” cards, nothing the least bit startling as its an element customary of a shounen series.

Of course a rampant, raunchy rush-around of annoying attacks, snide remarks, and button pushing performances are made by this arrogant new character who is seemingly under the impression he’s unstoppable. Finally, someone steps in to save Rin from a further beating – the silent strange fellow always equipped with a PSP, indifferent expression, and a hoody, pulls out a sword from his sweater and makes a move, forcing Amaimon to shamefully retreat.

As it turns out, this weird kid in a sweater is actually an incredibly skilled, sexy, but a bit too sultry, demon fighter from the Vatican – a story so ridiculous, it’s reminiscent of Hidan no Aria.

It essentially goes without saying that the plot is making it’s move onto it’s thrillingly foolish climax – the build up is undoubtedly ludicrous and many earlier episodes were wasted, although the series is at least tardily making some use of its timeslot.

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