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Ro-Kyu-Bu! Nude Loli Basketball Anime

Jul 1, 2011 @ 20:11 CDT

Ro-Kyu-Bu launches to a horrible start with its first episode for the Summer season as it is no more than nude girls bathing – packed with an extremely short scene of “basketball”.

This series proves to be no more than animated garbage for sake of selling Blu-rays and filling time-slots – it’s the equivalent of Softenni only offering more service with less farm animal intercession (a position filled by sunflowers) in the form of “basketball”. It has apparently become a trend to make “shitty” service animes with a sports theme facade – all ending up replete with random nonsense that allows for naked girls and varying degrees of fanservice to be shown.

Ro-Kyu-Bu is undoubtedly aimed at the lolicon as episode one is appropriately titled “Elementary School Students Come Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”.

The series is no more than a mix of short suggestive sport scenes ranging around 1 minute – with remaining time allotted for total loli service show-offing antics.

Hasegawa Subaru joined a high school’s basketball club, although that plot is immediately discarded due to an unfortunate unrequited love between the club’s lolicon leader and the coach’s cute 11 year old loli daughter – leaving the club in ruins. Subaru’s aunt then asks him to coach a pseudo-basketball harem posing as a club composed of flat-chested elementary school girls.

He is initially reluctant to let other publicly know his lolicon desires, not wanting anything to do with teaching young girls – yet eventually he falls to their alluring flat-chested physique, one only found in elementary schoolers, hoping to assist them knowing the complex circumstances it creates for them.

It truly goes without saying that this anime is most certainly not worth watching if you are a fan of sports or basketball in particular as it’s neither of those – but rather a new breed of ecchi anime inspired by Softenni based around a concept of “sports”.


  • KrazyKobun says:

    I didn’t think it would be THIS bad. Totally not watching thanks to you.

    Also were you inspired by Sankaku Complex? Your blog has a similar ‘feel’ to it. Either way, your blog is awesome.

    • Seven says:

      I’m not inspired by anything other than anime and art – although I actually write for Sankaku as well, so you may find a similarly styled, shorter article there over the same topic by “Seven”. However there is no other relation or inspiration shared between our sites.

      My main focus is philosophical aspects of anime, and actual elements of art which allow it to all be possible – thanks for the comment and compliment by the way!

      • KrazyKobun says:

        OOOOOOOH! That explains everything. Sorry for the confusion. And you’re welcome. I hope my comments aren’t getting annoying since I have been commenting a lot here. Lol.

        • Seven says:

          I love comments! They act as either feedback or an extension of the article offering an alternative perspective. Feel free to leave as many as you’d like.

        • alan says:

          i thought i was getting annoying at first too, but he answer to basically all of the comments which i like. seven is just awesome

  • Symm says:

    Ok, this is going on my watch list :L

    • alan says:

      i watched the first minute of this and i was like no way im watching this, but i keep going and then i saw the little sister maids and the nake them in the shower and changed my opinion right away… damn that leaves me as a complete pervert pedophile…jk…

  • I’m fairly certain any healthy anime fan with a fair number of years under his/her belt has, at one point or another, asked the question: “When does an anime cross the line?”

    IMHO, “Ro-Kyu-Bu” does a splendid job of answering this question in its own perverted, lolicon encouraging way.

    From the very beginning we find that the previous captain of the basketball club ran off with an elementary school girl, and now we discover our male lead Subaru being made the temporary coach of an elementary-level basketball team with, you guessed it, a proverbial jackpot that any lolicon would give his right arm for. Yay!

    Ah, but that’s only the beginning. A mere three episodes in, it would seem that Subaru has already landed not one, not two, but three, count em THREE, of his woefully smitten students under his tutorial belt. Double yay!

    Do excuse me while I go wash my mouth out now.

    • Seven says:

      It is indeed a taste of perfection for any self respecting lolicon. Speaking personally, I find this to be a sickening waste of a fine time-slot. I believe the loli service scenes can be quite well implemented and satisfying to lolicon and regular otaku alike if done in a certain, plot substantial manner such as was seen in Kanamemo.

  • Anonymous says:

    You’re a complete idiot I’ve been keeping up with this anime since it’s start and it’s not entirely about fanservice garbage. If that’s all you can see in an anime and then bitch about on your blog you need to find another pass time.

    • Seven says:

      Looks like someone’s upset their favorite service anime simply doesn’t have enough story to cover for it.

    • Sorry to say, but no one will take the comments of someone who finds they have to use unoriginal insults and curses to try and get their point across. You’re hardly the first of your kind to try such, but you’ll end in the same way that all before you have. Simply put, your lack of a name says it all.

      When you find you’re able to argue on the level of an adult, do come back. We’d be happy to entertain you then.

  • Anonymous says:

    I fail to see people’s problem with this show. Personally, I loved the plot; I thought it was simple and cute. As for the fanservice, well, if that’s your thing, then I’m glad you like it. If it’s not, it wasn’t so over the top as to turn people away from this series, I thought.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ok, so as a lolicon, i am definately going to watch this, but as an otaku, i feel this is a travesty and should have just been a hentai, one or the other people! We dont want plotless anime!

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