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More Mayo Chiki Breast Fondling

Jun 30, 2011 @ 13:15 CDT

Mayo Chiki proves to be a fairly promiscuous series as although it’s yet to be released, we’ve already managed to grab a second handful of breast fondling previews.

Mayo Chiki is the Summer season’s upcoming unoriginal harem ecchi anime which none will enjoy save for those interested in oppai and their endeavors. The premise of the series itself is something remedial and overly used – female tries to pass off as male for whatever purpose and she’s found out.

The lack of ingenuity in the series can already be clearly seen as the magazine outtake above shows – screencaps from episode three reveal the regular beach service episode in all its sexy shame. Even more so shameful as it’s delivered a mere three episodes into the series – something which does well to back the otherwise flat-chested feel of the story, yet doesn’t offer very much plotwise either way.

A commenter on the PV notes:

Reverse trap butler = Only reason I’d watch.

Which simply sums up the entire audience intended for the series – unless a reverse trap butler is is one of your fetishes, it’s doubtful you will enjoy this series.

The poorly crafted enthusiasm lacking PV can be seen below:

The official story behind the series supposedly follows a 17 year old girl whose been serving as a reverse trap butler for a generic harem male lead character – eventually due to “an accident” her bare breasts are felt-up and her despicable female identity is made known to her master. She risks losing her position of crossdressing butler if word of her breasts make it public.

An event one can say “will leave her pussy in a tight place”.


  • KrazyKobun says:

    I’ll give this anime one thing though, the character designs for the anime are a huge improvement from the original designs. But you’re right, I doubt this would be anything more than generic reverse-trap harem schlock. I’ll give it a go since I do like the pretty designs, but my expectations are extremely low.

    • Seven says:

      Yeah same here, I would end up watching at least episode 1 for a fair chance on its part – though I’m not expecting much.

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