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Jun 24, 2011 @ 14:04 CST

An Akihabara tech shop has begun offering “Pure Aluminum” – a totally moe USB-powered laptop cooler constituting a kawaii shoujo staring awkwardly at you whilst you download ero.

Otaku now have another strange, fetish favoring piece of merchandise to embark in hoarding over – the cute girls are apparently very skilled and experienced in satisfying their clients as the company behind the equipment states they can handle “harsh environments” and “dissipate heat effectively” for those intense extended sessions.

The Pure Aluminum girls come in several selective loli-based flavors fitting of otaku interests ranging from cool loli onee-san to typical energetic loli – the girls have also of course been generating some external interest as can be seen in the wallpapers and strips below.

The image above is an elaborate diagram detailing the entire process of effectively engaging in enjoyable activities with your moe cooler.


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