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GTO – Saccharine Story, Sweet Service

Jun 22, 2011 @ 6:00 CST

Episode 41 of what’s arguably the greatest anime of all-time is definitely beyond a doubt the most exceptional episode of any visual media work ever created, and with good reason.

This episode bears beauty on multiple fronts as it entirely defines the meaning behind the series. The result of all Onizuka’s effort-driven unique teaching methods become apparent as the episode simultaneously sweetens the already saccharine story through romance whilst putting the newly crafted path into perspective with the tragedy of old.

The adversity between the students dissolves into a lovely bond – former female bully Uehara becomes completely blinded by love for her ex-victim Yoshikawa.

Just setting aside the allure aspect in that ideal itself, Onizuka allowed for such a grand occurrence through his initial assistance towards Yoshikawa – which is then followed by his forgiving attitude concerning Uehara’s mischief, not to mention he’s responsible for the entire trip to Okinawa itself along with the “sneak peek” on Uehara undressing, a simply delightful bonus to top off all the aid he’s offered Yoshikawa.

Onizuka indirectly assists Uehara stabilize her shaky feelings and of course, help Yoshikawa get the girl – along with delivering some satisfying service. The engaging series of events plays out magnificently – all leaving the viewer with an angelic taste before the final aftermath.

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