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Magically entrancing series about magically empowered girls Madoka Majika makes its way onto Blu-ray with some drastic differences to the magically magnificent affair.

At first glance, the Blu-ray release features overall more contrast – however it also offers a much more detailed, darker and refined scene upon close-up comparison. The additional intricacies can simply be put as stunning – the already finely crafted realm of Madoka Majika is now even more vividly represented with some shocking changes.

An entire atmospheric recreation of sorts occurred as the scenes all offer previously unseen background visuals on an even more immersive level – some scenes even appear as to have been precisely redone, featuring major setting shifts in an already unreal environment masterfully devised by the series.

Episode five’s spectacular scenes may be viewed below – along with the side-by-side comparisons of Blu-ray (2nd and 4th from the left) and basic (1st and 3rd):

This episode in particular features Madoka in a mental battle against herself in an attempt to decide a proper course of action – she seeks yuri mahou shoujo HomuHomu’s help in protecting her friend, the sexy yet overly feisty mahou shoujo Sayaka.

Sayaka then gets into a meaningless squabble with the kawaii mahou shoujo Kyoko over an ideological conflict – this results in Madoka having even more to worry about as she’s essentially powerless in preventing another death.

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