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Bakemonogatari Unreal Tsundere Anime

Jun 17, 2011 @ 14:52 CDT

Bakemonogatari introduces the viewer into a magnificent new realm of tsunderes, supernatural lolis, and a variety of oppai – it’s a grand mixture of something everyone will enjoy.

Focusing solely on episode one, Bakemonogatari starts slow – a dull introduction filled with idle chatter and trailing conversations which will easily scare off many viewers.

For those managing to maintain their interests in the series however, there will be a much more radiant story beaming with action and nonsensical gags.

Our unreal introduction into Bakemonogatari starts as Araragi leaves his mode of thought as a weightless tsundere falling millions upon millions of miles down to Earth catches his eye. Being a respectable young gentleman, Arararagi effortlessly catches her while maintaining his distinctive class amongst men.

He then promptly returns to his fated meeting with Hanekawa – which is then abruptly hampered as he once again meets Tsundere-chan.

Although not as one would initially assume – Tsundere-chan is ungrateful for Ararararagi’s seemingly arrogant assertion of assistance, attacking him with a stapler in response as she makes a display of force with her school supplies.

Even with such a vicious uncalled for assault – Aragi hesitates not in helping her, thus beginning the romantic tale of the perverse lolicon whom assists those with their arising issues into the supernatural.

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