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Great Anime About A Teacher

Jun 15, 2011 @ 18:19 CST

Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) is an anime not only great in name as this single series happens to be one of the few instant captivators out there – replete with gangs, girls, and more.

GTO follows former bike gangsta Onizuka on his quest to become a teacher – though his reasoning is not entirely clear, one thing is certain he wants high school girls.

Taking up a position as a student teacher, he earns respect from his colleagues and students alike through his unorthodox methods of equality, self-respect, and gangsta respect.

His seemingly courageous attitude leads him to be an object of interest for a certain promiscuous high-schooler as he assists her with some of life’s troubles beginning his newly paved path as a great teacher – proving he is an admirable man regardless of his gangsta background or perverse female interest.

This series is an instant classic composed of epic comedic elements mixed with some flavorful plot – the concepts of main character gangsta and teacher are of course unique ideals unlike any other series have tread before even to this day.

The funny facial expressions Onizuka portrays through the episode do well to describe the seriousness yet wholehearted nature of the series. After Onizuka goes through a variety of hardship and iniquity, he is finally employed by a private school – thus beginning his newly found career coming complete with an attractive bishoujo sensei to relieve his fanatical female frenzy.


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