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Vivacious Vocaloid & Madoka Cosplayers

Jun 13, 2011 @ 6:16 CDT

The Cure Convention cosplayers continually prove to be on a whole other league of 2-D characters imitation as they manage to make some sexy impersonations.

This striking group of cosplayers come dressed in a vast range of outfits from Vocaloid, Macross Frontier, Madoka, and more. Contributing to their performance is the immense detail they’ve added into devising an ideal visual reincarnation of the original character – along with their vivacious and prominent personalities which breath life into the character.

As anime characters range from flat-chested to fine – the cosplayers do likewise offering a variety of enjoyment for various tastes and fetishes.

HomuHomu X Madoka will definitely find it’s way into the hearts of many perverts and madokafags alike.

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