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The final round of Cure Cosplayers comes with some foolishly dressed cosplay of equally as embarrassingly dressed King of Fighters characters – overall it makes for a great show.

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In Other News...

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    Fate/Zero’s 11th episode is an aggregation of royal kings for a more eloquent method of determining the one worthy of the grail – as burly servant Rider does so call it, a “Grail Dialogue” instead of a Grail War. ... read more
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  • “How To Draw Moe Lolitas” The Book
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  • Mandate Of Hell 003 – Evangelion Ero Novel
    Original Evangelion ero-novel series by Kargan, The Mandate of Hell, continues into its third episode – risqué thoughts begin to arise amongst the group of young pilots. ... read more

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An Elemental Workshop.