An elemental workshop.

The final round of Cure Cosplayers comes with some foolishly dressed cosplay of equally as embarrassingly dressed King of Fighters characters – overall it makes for a great show.

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In Other News...

  • “Kiniro Mosaic” Massive Moe Girl Invasion
    Ultra-massive Kiniro Mosaic advertising is now lining the sides of buildings, a flag exerting the authority of the great power of moe upon the people, and commanding them to watch this slice of life when it airs. ... read more
  • “NagiAsu” Character Blu-Ray Beach Party
    A limited edition not to miss, Nagi no Asukara’s fifth BD volume has a special box art, that as one can already imagine, is absolutely stunning – perhaps a little scary if you have a phobia of many eyes staring at you. ... read more
  • “Sabbat Of The Witch” Special Benefits
    Yuzu-Soft’s Sabbat of the Witch has a wide offering of benefits for buyers – tapestries, dakimakura, and more, all to make sure players can fully dominate the preferred bishoujo of their choice. ... read more
  • “Oreimo” S2 Shows Lolis Can Do Anything
    Third episode of Ore no Imouto’s second season focuses on a flashback – resulting in a spectacle devoid of all development, albeit, at least lacking any harem elements, making for an average yet watchable effort. ... read more

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An Elemental Workshop.