An elemental workshop.

The final round of Cure Cosplayers comes with some foolishly dressed cosplay of equally as embarrassingly dressed King of Fighters characters – overall it makes for a great show.

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  • “Kiniro Mosaic” Is Cute No Matter What
    Kiniro Mosaic’s character song disc comes dressed with the image of moe – five adorable creatures band together to do something, which inevitably, is immensely cute because they themselves are so as well. ... read more
  • Girls Of “Grisaia” Take Turns Bathing
    Dengeki Hime’s April 2013 release is rather generous, packing a life-size tapestry of a well-endowed girl from critically acclaimed ero-game Grisaia – though if you thought that was all, she comes in her bathing suit. ... read more
  • “Oda Nobuna” Loli & Bishoujo Artbook
    Comiket 82 is spiraling through, and for one, this apparently means the debut of an Oda Nobuna image packed artbook – although this is separate from the scantily sukumizu of earlier, it’s a legitimate key visual book. ... read more
  • Fate/Zero “Assassin” At The White House
    One otaku certainly seems to be enjoying the thrill of looking creepier in public than he already does with the Fate/Zero “Assassin” jacket released some time ago – however, he’s also apparently quite fearless. ... read more

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