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Game Girls Cosplay Gallery

Jun 6, 2011 @ 10:48 CDT

For those who have yet to succumb to the intricately detailed offerings of the second dimension – a photographically spectacular collective of third dimensional girls under pretense of second dimensional video game girls.

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In Other News...

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    A treasure from Comiket, ero-circle “Digital Lover” has released volume one of their Ore no Imouto based “Kuroneko Omnibus” – a very delectable doujinshi where Kuroneko copulates with Kyousuke, neko-style. ... read more
  • Hatsune Miku Takes A Ride In Taiwan
    Even with Microsoft’s busty mascot, and the Kana Hanazawa voiced Taipei City Mall character, the otaku of Taiwan are still spoiled with more goodies to enjoy – the latest being Vocaloid itashas as citywide taxicabs. ... read more
  • “Robotics;Notes” Looks Very Scary
    Whilst the visuals of the anime appear frighteningly remedial, Robotics;Notes’ ongoing manga series is also a horrifying sight, albeit for other reasons – a recent chapter unveils a character who looks murderous. ... read more
  • “Steins;Gate” Awkward Mizugi Party
    Several girls of Steins;Gate find themselves in an awkward mizugi gathering on the beach – unable to have fun with Kyouma and friends, and also too insecure to enjoy themselves amongst themselves. ... read more

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