An elemental workshop.

Game Girls Cosplay Gallery

Jun 6, 2011 @ 10:48 CST

For those who have yet to succumb to the intricately detailed offerings of the second dimension – a photographically spectacular collective of third dimensional girls under pretense of second dimensional video game girls.

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  • “Campione!” Is Cultivated With Bishoujos
    Campione’s existence as a series seems all in vain save for when it comes to Blu-ray artwork – having last brought a loli, it now brings a bishoujo of exotic flavor, violet eyed and cultivated in fashion and pose. ... read more
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    Absolute Duo’s first Blu-ray volume cover has as much effort exhausted into it as the anime itself – it’s little more than a tacky background with a loli on top, the only aspect they want you to focus on. ... read more

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