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Ika Musume Shockingly Violent Anime

May 27, 2011 @ 9:21 CDT

Having displayed a variety of moe, comedic antics, and nonsense – Ika Musume’s final episode proves to be the most shockingly squid of them all with violent masochistic tentacle beatings.

Ika Musume is unlike many slice of life animes in that the main character is a squid girl. The series is about a squid who decides to invade humanity and reap terror upon the incompetent disgusting humans and their ocean littering ways.

Although this plan near immediately backfires as Ika Musume happens to be just too devastatingly cute to induce much horror into anyone.

From there, the series follows along Ika-chan and her interestingly squid lifestyle – many story elements are masterfully executed to create this one-of-a-kind anime. A strong aspect of the series is the comedy – a sure-fire mix of hilarity and originality not present in any other slice of life or anime series in general as it relies on the fact that Ika Musume is a squid girl.

The whole atmosphere put together by Ika Musume as one character notes in the last episode is “lively and fun” – a dynamically energetic anime watching experience enjoyable by all.

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