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Top 10 Most Popular Ongoing Anime

May 21, 2011 @ 23:58 CST

American otaku provided a list of their favorite ongoing viewings in Japan – the assessment proves cute little girls are rather popular with Uncle Sam.

The chart shows some to be expected series – however the ecchi animes of the season don’t satisfy the busty American sex appeal.

The ranking:

10.) Deadman Wonderland

9.) Hyouge Mono

8.) Denpa Onna

7.) [C]

6.) Steins;Gate

5.) Kaiji S2

4.) Tiger and Bunny

3.) Hanasaku Iroha

2.) Nichijou

1.) AnoHana

The results received mixed praise and insult from their Japanese counterparts – some thinking western fans may actually appreciate story much more than their oriental counterparts.

“There is no Aria.”

“Foreigners are not easily swayed by moe anime. Japanese may be susceptible.”

“It looks like AnoHana is very popular overseas.”

“Everything below Hanasaku is pathetic.”

“Foreigners can understand what I saw in AnoHana.”

“Foreigners also like Kyoto Animation?”

“[C]‘s position is not surprising.”

“Kaiji and [C] having come out on top is a little nice.”

“I’m relieved it contains Kaiji.”

“Foreigners are good, look even Hyouge Mono and Kaiji.”

“[C] and Hyouge Mono made the list! There are no more pigs in Japan’s eyes.”

“How did Japanese anime reach foreigners?”

“All sources are illegal viewing.”

“The ranking clearly shows us the daily sales.”

“Well this did not go well for X-MEN.”

The foreigners clearly have their taste made out for them.

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