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For the week of April 24th through the 30th, Rosario + Vampire finally drops it’s top spot on the US manga sales rankings for the first week in forever. Black Butler and Maximum Ride ousted the previously undisputed champion of American manga sales. Going even further, Black Butler aka. Kuroshitsuji, dominates the first and last place on the chart.

1.) Black Butler, Vol.5
2.) Maximum Ride, Vol.4
3.) Rosario + Vampire Season II, Vol.4
4.) Highschool of the Dead, Vol.2
5.) Blue Exorcist, Vol.1
6.) Pandora Hearts, Vol.5
7.) Omamari Himari, Vol.3
8.) Naruto, Vol.50
9.) Higurashi When They Cry: Eye Opening Arc, Vol.2
10.) Black Butler, Vol.4

It’s nice to see some niche titles making the list such as Higurashi or Highschool of the Dead.

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