An elemental workshop.

Best pantsu service shot ever.

This time around, the soft tennis club decides to start training up for a singles league. Fortunately it rains, preventing them from practicing properly and instead we get to witness some entertaining circumstances. Making it all even better, Asuna gets all wet while in the rain providing with some excellent fanservice, and it begins to snow. As it begins to snow, they head for shelter and we are rewarded with the obligatory hot spring episode and of course, there is nudity (censored by pedo-bear).

Looks like she fell out of Ergo Proxy.

Someone call Pedobear.

Tonight's special guest is Pedobear.

Damned cow.

Saved by her walrus lover.

They're imitating Chitose's breasts.

Erotic pondering.

Softenni episode three amps up the ecchi-meter with more fanservice which is typical of an ecchi series. There’s not much story or character development going on in this one, except I did learn Asuna is really a hentai.

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