An elemental workshop.

Alternate dimensions via debt card.

Defying all expectations [C] went live today with an incredible resonating thunder. Kimimaro works hard to become someone with a respectable life even though he’s surrounded by sinners. At night while studying he’s approached by Masakaki of the Bank of Midas Financial Division with a proposition, become an entrepreneur. Masakaki offers Kimimaro a loan, in exchange he must spend in the financial district.

Although Kimimaro was hesitant and refused at first, Masakaki brought forward an advance of ¥500,000. Now Kimimaro had recieved a special card with access to any ATM, in return his future is sold.

Dimensional ripples are present thought the series.

Accept and your future is sold.

Kimimaro lives in a dark reality.

The show is incredible on many levels with some similarities to Bakemonogatari, Fate/Stay, and Boogiepop Phantom, in story, art, and general atmosphere. The series has many supernatural and futuristic aspects going on. There’s varying dimensions that are travelable via the demonic debt card.

Do not let the initial shounen styled characters fool you, this is a show with a dark viewpoint on reality, for serious viewers. Not everyone will enjoy it, but if you do, you will become addicted.

I’m absolutely loving this, the story is very innovative on all levels with nothing even touched by an anime before. The visuals although appeared off in the trailers, are magnificent in the actual show. They pull off the scenes with an exquisite and elegant touch through their simple and direct, yet unorthodox composition. Finally the music needs me not even to mention, is lovely, ranging from soft melodic to pure techno. Overall this series has went crazily beyond my expectations and I’m thinking it can only go from gold to platinum.

Now with all that said, welcome to the financial district.

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