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Steins;Gate hit the channels last week with an avant-garde display, this week we get some more paranoid antics with kawaii girl cameos. The show pursues Hououin Kyouma as he investigates a time paradox, along with a series of strange events, bestowed upon him by the Agency. Although appearing rather disturbed, he grasps the situation and seeks the answer.

Just don't tell anyone.

The series has a deviceful story for an anime, and it’s played out in a very interesting way. The characters are all very clouded, or lost into their own little worlds. The main character, Hououin Kyouma, is regarded as a madman because well, he is. Nonetheless, he’s spearheading the research and philosophy behind the time paradoxes. Although unsuccessful to generate interest at first, he later manages to captivate a few characters to his ideals up to the end of episode two.

Another interesting bit aside from the story are the visuals which manage to pull of a very thematic setting. It’s somewhat difficult to describe, but the whole atmosphere changes along with the setting. Like a chameleon it shifts according to what’s behind it, the series gives off a modern city feel at times while others, a dark repressed feel.

And as if that’s not impressive enough, the series comes with incredibly kawaii girls, and a trap (if you’re into that).

She's mastered it, I'm so proud.

That's really a guy.

The characters are generally very vivid and individual, it’s a keystone for this anime which sets it apart very nicely from the rest. It’s more appealing to me than it’s brother and predecessor Chaos;Head. I’ve got my schedule booked for Steins;Gate.

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