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A TV commercial for noitaminA’s upcoming work [C] Control: The Money of Soul and Possibility has aired. The actual series is coming this week April 15th!

Check out our preview on the series here.

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In Other News...

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    It’s February, Madoka Magica Valentine’s Day artwork has appeared featuring a new super kawaii hairstyle for Kyouko – Setsubun celebration kimono character art also arrives, with easily the cutest Madoka ever. ... read more
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  • “Arpeggio” Loli & Bishoujo Oppai Mousepads
    Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio generously brings out four oppai mousepads, two variants of soft and soothing loli chest, featuring our heroine, with another two of larger bishoujo breasts from a less likable girl. ... read more

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