An elemental workshop.

Hanasaku Iroha is one of the latest animes to be released, it caught my attention once my friend recommended it to me and I’ve definitely fallen in love.

This show opens on an unpreceded scale, the visuals are absolutely stunning. It’s not all eyecandy either, design is what makes the composition and in this case the main characters, the minor characters, the backgrounds, every single little thing is so personified and stylized it gives off it’s own unique vibe. It defines the series as it is without the series having even gotten anywhere. The characters have their own physical individuality that just sets them apart, and it’s very powerful. This is specifically prominent in the main heroine Ohana.

Sensory Overload

While we are still on episode one, the series has already established itself as a visual and compositional masterpiece although things are subject to change throughout the series, episode one has proven itself in this respect.

Focusing on other areas, the music is very lovely. Soft melodies are used to set specific scenes while the series is wrapped with ambient sounds bringing out the atmosphere of the show.

Now moving on the the actual story, Ohana Matsumae moves from Tokyo to live at an onsen dubbed Kissuisō. From the start it appears as though Ohana has somewhat of a troubled life while managing herself as well as those around her. Although the show then takes a shift right from episode one in to what will the setting for the rest of the series. As Ohana begins to figure her way around Kissuisō you get to learn more about what type of person she is as you see how she interacts with the other characters. You of course also begin to learn about them, but it seems like so far it’s not the ideal life Ohana was expecting.

I wonder what happened

Overall this series went to the top of my expectations list next to [C]. In one episode this show managed to completely set the standard for modern anime in multiple ways, as well as bringing back some respect to the slice of life genre which hasn’t seen a good anime title in a while.

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