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Bakemonogatari is way unlike any other anime, from the art style to the story. Starting off Koyomi Araragi stumbles upon a girl, Hitagi Senjōgahara, falling. Which when played out into Bakemonogatari style, she appears to be falling thousands and thousands of feet, until Ararararagi manages to catch her effortlessly as she is weightless. After a few episodes you notice the series splits into arcs, each following the light novels.

The series somehow manages to capture the definition of the words “epic” and “win” all in a visual media format. The story highlights Arararagi’s encounters with spirits or people afflicted by the supernatural and how he helps them solve their problems. I particularly like how it manages to do this all while showcasing various little funny graphics, unusual color schemes, stippling effects, and more art that would make me think I’m on ecstasy.

The Mayoi Snail arc featuring Hachikuji is my personal favorite out of the show. Watching Hacikuji and Araragi argue and get into little fights would be enough to entertain me for all eternity, but alas it must come to an end. After the Hachikuji arc the series takes a more serious turn and things really pick up. I highly recommend to anyone that they watch this series to know what happens as I don’t want to spoil it.

Another nice addition is the OP changes with each arc, as you can see the Hachikuji OP is very… interesting.

And the pure epicness and vitality found in the Bakemonogatari OP’s fuels the Youtube innovation machine with lovely content such as this Death Note x Bakemonogatari OP 4 Nadeko Snake.

Moving on… The music in general is spectacular, it features ambient smooth jazz, to upbeat melodies, to some Techo beats as notable in the Hachikuji OP. And as everything in this show, the characters are all very, very unique. Their identities are greatly defined by their individuality and they each have their own physical style along with a trait personality wise that sets them apart from typical anime characters.

For those of you who haven’t noticed yet, Bakemonogatari is an incredible show in it’s own league. Everything from the art to the characters, to the sounds, are all top-notch and trend setting. It’s an innovative work and I think anyone could enjoy watching it.

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